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Customized Inside ESOP Fiduciary Training

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Corey RosenCorey Rosen, the NCEO's founder, can provide a 90-minute, customized live Webinar for your company's inside ESOP fiduciaries. The presentation describes who is defined as a fiduciary and what the law requires of them. The presentation focuses on how to act as a responsible fiduciary in several key areas, including:
  1. Making sure the ESOP pays no more than fair market value when buying shares from outsiders and no less than FMV when buying back shares from employees.
  2. Making sure allocation, diversification, eligibility, vesting, voting rights, and distribution rules are followed. Practically speaking, this means making sure you have a good administrator and that you look into any complaints.
  3. Making sure all required filings are filed.
  4. Making sure the advisors are well-qualified.
  5. Managing non-stock investments prudently.
  6. Reviewing any changes in plan rules to make sure they comply with the law.
  7. Acting as a responsible shareholder.
  8. Responding to offers to buy the company.

After discussing rules and responsibilities, several scenarios are raised to provide examples of potentially difficult issues. The presentation also reviews experiences with ESOP litigation and Department of Labor investigations.

Customizing the Presentation

The presentation will be customized after a discussion with your company so that it accurately describes how your fiduciaries are selected and operate. You will receive an audiovisual recording of the presentation after the Webinar to use as you like in the future.

Sample Slides from the Presentation

We have a sample of a few of the slides in the presentation in PDF format.


For questions, contact Corey Rosen at