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Observations on Employee Ownership

You Too Can Write a Business Consulting Article

Corey Rosen

September 15, 2011

(Corey Rosen)There is some great advice from consultants out there, but after reading hundreds of their articles and books on business management, I have found there is also a lot of pabulum. The problem is that a lot of this stuff is pitched at such a high level of generality that it really doesn't say much you can actually do. So if you want to join this group, here is a ready-made template for all subjects. Just repeat these key words and you too can get published somewhere.

Start with your problem statement (why compensation plans aren't appreciated, how to get a more effective wellness program, how to create more employee engagement, etc.). Then hit these key points:

Remember, this all may require an uncomfortable paradigm shift among key employees and well as individual contributors. You may have to think outside the box to create a proactive approach to get you on the runway. In some cases, to optimize corporate efficiency, you may have to offboard people through smartsizing. But you have to be willing to drill down to find the proper leverage points and skill sets. It will be challenging, and just 20% of what you do (and the people who do it) will produce 80% of the results. But if you communicate the value proposition well enough to your internal customers, you can break through the silos and create a true common effort.

(Note: I actually started a speech like this to a large group of human resource professionals, and they took notes. Never again. Nothing fails like a joke that needs explaining.)

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