There are plenty of non-profit organizations dedicated to providing top-notch employee ownership education and advocacy. On this page we will catalogue organizations in the employee ownership field.

State Centers for Employee Ownership

State centers for employee ownership have been around since the Ohio Employee Ownership Center was founded in 1987 and have recently grown in popularity. These centers, generally formed as non-profits, help grow their local employee ownership community through a combination of education and outreach. 

Currently there are 13 state centers with several more on the horizon. Listed alphabetically below, these centers are frequently looking for supporters, contributors, board members, and speakers. Click the link for your center to learn how you can get involved.

Don't see your state but still want to get involved? The Employee Ownership Expansion Network (EOX) is setting up more centers throughout the country. Visit their page or contact them at [email protected].

Worker Cooperatives

ESOPs are not the only form of employee ownership. Worker cooperatives, grounded in the concept of one share, one vote, are increasing in popularity as an option for businesses of all sizes to transfer ownership to employees. There a wide variety of organizations that we'd be happy to refer you to, but we recommend you start with our friends at the Democracy At Work Institute (DAWI), and affiliate of the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC).

University Offerings

We are currently compiling a list of current university courses and offerings that have an employee ownership component. If you would like your course to be listed, contact Tim Garbinsky at [email protected].