It’s simple. The most successful ESOP companies are those that generate the most ideas about the most things from the most people. Corey Rosen, the NCEO's founder, can provide a 90-minute, customized live Webinar for your company’s team to talk about how to make that happen. The interactive presentation highlights:

  • Why engagement and encouraging idea sharing are not enough
  • How to start an idea generation process
  • Key issues in sharing and using the numbers
  • Structuring effective workplace teams
  • Concrete examples from successful ESOP companies on idea process and high-involvement strategic development
  • Discussion with your team on what steps they can take next

Customizing the Presentation

The presentation will be customized after a discussion to focus on one or more specific aspects of the training.

Sample Slides from the Presentation

We have a sample of a few of the slides in the presentation in PDF format.


For questions, contact Corey Rosen at [email protected].