Updated for 2024 to include more forms of employee ownership.

Thousands of business owners have decided that employee ownership is the best way to preserve the job security of their workforces and protect the character of their companies while providing them and their families fair value. In Who Should Own Your Business After You?, seven of them tell you why in their own words by telling you the stories of their real-world companies. This 12-page full-color booklet also answers frequent questions, describes the sale process, and features key research findings on the impact of employee ownership. Written by NCEO staff with input from business owners who sold their business to their employees and business advisors in the field, this book will help you get started on making a decision about whether employee ownership is right for you and and your company.

The NCEO welcomes you to circulate the booklet to anyone you think might benefit from a powerful introduction to employee ownership. The PDF version is available at no cost here.



This booklet now has a Spanish-language edition, also available as a free PDF here.