December 1, 2021

Announcing the Innovative Communication Coalition

Executive Director

Sandy Kostouros’ (Morton Buildings) 2021 NCEO Annual Conference presentation inspired Lori Atone (TVF) to ask the NCEO to establish a creative coalition for employee-owners to collaborate on usable, replicable ideas and resources on communications while creating community and employee involvement. 

With big thanks to Lori, Sandy, and the steering committee, the NCEO is thrilled to open the Innovative Communication Coalition (ICC) to our member community.

Innovate Your ESOP Communications

The ICC is a space for NCEO members to put their heads together to create and share communication initiatives, activities, and projects that make employee ownership stronger.

What’s different about the Innovative Communication Coalition? First, it’s exclusive to employee-owner NCEO members. No one except people from ESOP companies and NCEO staff will be at the meetings. Second, the coalition will meet periodically, so you’ll get to know the other people and companies and build trust via an ongoing peer relationship. 

The Innovative Communication Coalition will generate and refine ideas to build engagement and strengthen ownership culture at their companies. These group-driven discussions center everything from upcoming celebrations to communicating about how stock valuation works.

The NCEO supports this group by providing a virtual meeting venue, expertise, communications support, and using the group’s output to create a repository of high-quality templates. Members of the coalition will have the opportunity to meet in person at the NCEO’s Annual Conference and Fall ESOP Forum.

2022 Schedule

Join the Innovative Communication Coalition's first public meeting on January 12th  from 10–11 am PST / 1–2 pm EST

The full schedule of 2022 meetings is as follows: 

All meetings will take place from 10 - 11 am PST / 1 - 2 pm EST

  • Monday, March 21st
  • Monday, May 16th
  • Monday, July 18th
  • Monday, September 19th
  • Monday, November 14th

Join the Conversation

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A big thanks to Lori, Sandy, and the other members of the steering committee—Sandra Ahrendsen (Folience), Renée Mundell (Radian Research), Jesse De Leon (Polyguard), and others.