November 30, 2021

Who Should Own Your Business After You? A Virtual Learning Series

Events Director

Making employee ownership thrive includes increasing the number of employee-owners. As part of our mission, we produce events and disseminate information about establishing employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) to businesses across the U.S. We took a bit of a break to reimagine this outreach and look forward to relaunching bigger and better in 2022.

Announcing "Who Should Own Your Business After You?": A Feasibility Meeting Series

"Who Should Own Your Business After You?" is an introductory virtual series designed to inform business owners about the basics of transitioning to employee ownership. The free, four-episode series will cover the why and the how of an ESOP transition, answering questions like:

  • Who pays for the transaction?
  • What is my business worth?
  • Why should I choose employee ownership?
  • How do we design a plan?

...and more.

Each episode will be hosted by a knowledgeable NCEO staff person and a trusted ESOP professional to offer attendees the latest in ESOP knowledge. During Q&A and in-between sessions, we’ll offer attendees the chance to get their questions answered in a low-pressure, no-commitment environment.

Join us for a 4-week series with one-hour seminars each week starting February 3, 2022.  See this page for more information and to register.

Interested in sharing your expertise? The call for speakers closes December 17, 2021.

Are you interested in being one of our professional co-hosts? See this page for more information.

Are you an ESOP company passionate about spreading and increasing employee ownership? Contact NCEO Events Director Jordan Boone at [email protected] to share your ESOP story and/or volunteer to be contacted by a business owner considering an ESOP.