November 2, 2021

Call for Content for the 2022 Webinar Series

Event and Executive Assistant

We invite you to present your expert advice on topics of your choosing to our community of employee-owners, business owners, and more during our weekly webinars!

What to Expect

In 2022 our webinars will build upon the success we experienced in 2021. Weekly webinars will include conversational, small-group learning experiences and interactive workshops that will allow presenters to engage will the community and break down complex topics in an effective manner. Webinar formats include: 

  • Lessons: Traditional webinar format
  • Conversations: Engaging sessions featuring short-form learning experience between conversational discussion prompts for small groups of attendees
  • Workshops: Interactive sessions that build in hands-on digital learning such as Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, workbooks, and more!

Be You-nique 

As a webinar presenter, you have the opportunity to be unique and creative in how you present your content. Use this opportunity to create interaction and engagement throughout the employee-owner membership base. 

Create content and make connections!

How to Apply

In your content submission please include the following: 

  1. Topic Title
  2. Topic description
  3. Presenter Name
  4. (3) learning objectives
  5. Presentation Format - from options above

Begin your submission today! Submissions are due by November 26th, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]