November 17, 2020

Guest Blog: New Beyster UCSD Course for ESOP Professionals

The ESOP community has asked for a graduate-level course that will provide emerging consultants with the broad level of knowledge required of them, and we are happy to help meet that need. The Beyster Institute is excited to announce our new academic course in partnership with the University of California, San Diego Extension team. "Understanding ESOPs: Training to be an ESOP Professional" is a 16-week course for both emerging leaders in the ESOP community and those new to the world of employee ownership. We have invited subject-matter experts from key areas of employee ownership to pass on their high-level knowledge and wisdom through lectures and specialized activities.

Employee ownership is a mature industry requiring sophisticated knowledge of very complex legal, tax, valuation, fiduciary, communication, and accounting disciplines, and we believe this course will offer participants an excellent base of knowledge so they can join our industry with confidence. The Beyster course provides successful students with six accredited units from UC San Diego. 

We feel the course fee of $2,500 is an appropriate investment in one’s future as a leader in the ESOP community.  We are all well aware that many senior experts in the ESOP community will be retiring, and we need to develop the next generation of consultants and providers. As a graduate-level course, it uses material geared toward those currently working on a graduate degree, the professional looking to switch career paths into employee ownership, or those new to the industry and looking to gain a deeper understanding of their field.

Please direct any questions to Courtney Nunez at the Beyster Institute: