November 18, 2020

Registration Open: 2021 Virtual Annual Employee Ownership Conference

Ivette Torres
Conference Director

We invite you to join us on April 20 and 21, 2021, for the NCEO's virtual Annual Employee Ownership Conference. Register before November 30 to be entered into a raffle for a #bettertogether box filled with fun items from an employee-owned company. Register now!

"The power of employee ownership is the power of our community, a community blessed with innovative, caring responses to even the most difficult challenges. Our openness to new ideas, and our ability to engage everyone to make the most of them, have meant that ESOP companies are once again standing out among their peers. Come to the conference to learn, connect, and share with this extraordinary group of people."

Corey Rosen, NCEO cofounder

2020 has continued to be a time of challenge and growth. As we look to our community of ESOP members, we are inspired! We see and hear stories of ingenuity, prosperity, and a deeper desire to succeed in spite of all obstacles. Gather together with us as we celebrate the indomitable spirit of the ESOP community.

Improved Virtual Learning

New for 2021 are tracks specifically designed to guide and transform you in rediscovering and renewing your love for being an employee-owner. Get excited to expand your knowledge in these topics:

  • Track 1: Governance and Fiduciary issues
  • Track 2: ESOP Plan Design and Administration
  • Track 3: Finance and Valuation
  • Track 4: ESOP Feasibility and Transactions
  • Track 5: Communication and Education
  • Track 6: Employee Involvement

We're excited for all that the 2021 conference has in store, and we hope to see you there!