December 1, 2022

NCEO Board of Directors: Now Accepting Nominations

Executive Director

Annual elections for our board of directors will take place in January, and members in good standing are invited to nominate themselves or other members during the nomination window, from now until December 21.

We are asking for your help. The board, staff, and membership of the NCEO do not represent the diversity of the United States and, despite the compelling evidence that employee ownership promotes economic well-being among all groups of Americans, we have had less success than we should in reaching all of our country. Please help us find board members who can support our efforts to effectively promote employee ownership to everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about the NCEO’s board, including the level of commitment required and the activities board members will support in 2023, please review our packet for board candidates. Contact Nan Fitzgerald ([email protected]) for a copy. The packet outlines the state of the NCEO, the goals for the board, and the nominating process. It also includes an agreement that potential candidates must sign.

Interest in the NCEO's board of directors is often greater than the seats we have available. The strongest candidates are current or former employee-owners and have an interest in actively supporting NCEO projects. The NCEO's nominating committee warmly welcomes all nominations, and many candidates who are not placed on the ballot will find other opportunities to contribute to employee ownership via the NCEO.