August 30, 2022

New State and Industry ESOP Slides Now Available

Research Project Manager

Newly updated state-by-state ESOP slides are now available in our members-only area. These downloadable PowerPoint presentations are a member benefit breaking down the ESOP community in each state. The new slides reflect the most up-to-date data on ESOPs, including state-level statistics on the number of ESOPs and participants, an industry breakdown, the dollar value of plan assets and distributions, and more.

In addition to the state slides, the NCEO has published a new offering, ESOP industry slides. These describe the ESOP community in each of the six largest ESOP industries: manufacturing, professional services, construction, finance/insurance, wholesale, and retail.

Find nationwide data on ESOPs at our Employee Ownership by the Numbers page. We also produce a nationwide and regional database of ESOP companies.

We encourage members to use these resources in presentations for employees, clients, and other audiences as a way to provide the most recent state and industry-level data on the ESOP world.