August 31, 2021

The Ownership Culture Survey Networking Program is Launching in 2021

Director of Culture and Engagement

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Research shows that the existence of an ESOP is not in itself sufficient for a company to attain the competitive and performance advantages associated with employee ownership. A company must also build an ownership culture—a workplace where employees think and act like owners. The NCEO's Ownership Culture Surveys are designed exclusively for employee ownership companies. The surveys measure how well employees understand their ESOP and ways the company can more effectively capture the benefits and competitive advantages of employee ownership.

This October, the NCEO will launch a brand-new program for ESOP companies to not only administer Ownership Culture Surveys to employee-owners but also do so while collaborating and networking with fellow employee-owned companies in the process. Companies will have the chance to engage with one another through the administration process and network with each other while assessing their feedback and results to build collaborative strategies and action plans that help improve communication, employee education, and employee engagement initiatives.

The NCEO’s survey resources include data from more than 28,000 employee-owners in more than 120 employee ownership companies around the U.S. The comparison data consists of a mixed group of companies, most of which have made serious efforts to build strong ownership cultures. If your company is among those in the ESOP community making efforts to build a thriving and high-performing ownership culture, this program will provide the perfect opportunity to measure employee attitudes and perspectives on your ESOP, culture, and best practices in your organization. If you have inquiries or would like to be added to our mailing list for this program, please contact me, Director of Culture and Engagement Dallan Guzinski, at [email protected]. Registration will open in September, and we hope that you can join us and others in our efforts to improve workplaces and the working lives of employee-owners!