October 14, 2021

Survey Your Employee-Owners with a Little Help from Your Friends!

Director of Culture and Engagement

When employee-owned businesses openly share their best practices or approaches to employee engagement and communication, it’s not lost on those attending our conferences for the first time. Some of the best ideas or solutions attendees get from our conferences come directly from other employee-owners and ESOP companies. This networking and collaboration is a huge part of why so many employee-owned businesses thrive. 

Next month, the NCEO will launch a brand-new program for ESOP companies to administer Ownership Culture Surveys to employee-owners while collaborating and networking with fellow employee-owned companies in the process. The NCEO's Ownership Culture Surveys are designed exclusively for employee-owned businesses and measure how well employees understand their ESOP and ways the company can more effectively capture the benefits and competitive advantages of employee ownership. Companies will have the chance to engage with one another through the administration process and network with each other while assessing their feedback and results. Together, companies will collaborate to build strategies and action plans that help improve communication, employee education, and employee engagement initiatives.

To register or inquire about the Ownership Culture Networking Program, please contact me, the NCEO’s director of culture and engagement, at [email protected] with any questions.