Register by December 3, 2021

This December, the NCEO will launch a brand-new program for ESOP companies to administer Ownership Culture Surveys to employee-owners while collaborating and networking with fellow employee-owned companies in the process. The NCEO's Ownership Culture Surveys are designed exclusively for employee-owned businesses and measure how well employees understand their ESOP and ways the company can more effectively capture the benefits and competitive advantages of employee-ownership. Companies will have the chance to engage with one another through the administration process and network with each other while assessing their feedback and results. Together, companies will collaborate to build strategies and action plans that help improve communication, employee education, and employee engagement initiatives.

Administration of the Ownership Culture Survey will help gauge employee attitudes on topics such as:

  • Do employee understand your ESOP?
  • How much do employees feel like owners of your business? What would make them feel more like owners?
  • Are employees offered adequate opportunities to learn about the business?
  • Are managers receptive and responsive to employee feedback and input?

To register, please select the Tier below that best reflects your company's size or contact Dallan Guzinski, director of culture and engagement, at [email protected] with any questions. 

The program will include online meetings each month at various stages of the program. Our discussions will center around the types of practices and culture employee-owners want and believe will be improve their work lives and performance in the short term and everyone's financial well-being in the longer term. While each meeting will have a general focus, it is our intention to let participants take the wheel when it comes to the topics up for discussion. Below is an outline of the various areas will be covering as it concerns employee surveys and ownership culture: 

*Specific times and dates for each meeting will be determined by participants

December, 2021: Ownership Culture is the Destination, Surveys are the Vehicle, and You're at the Wheel

January, 2022: Adding Color to Hunches: Painting the Full Picture with Feedback and Survey Data

February, 2022: Correcting Course: Prioritizing Short Term Initiatives to Address Major Themes of Survey Responses

March, 2022: Culture is a Moving Target: Long-term Strategic and Action Planning

Upon registering, you will receive confirmation and further instructions from the NCEO. Please be sure to register for this program no later than Friday, December 3, 2021. Our surveys will be sent to employees on Wednesday, December 8 (or later if necessary) and will be open for participation for ten full business days. Companies will receive analysis reports summarizing employee feedback and work with each other to discuss themes, challenges, and strategies for improving their workplace culture. 

The NCEO’s survey resources include data from more than 28,000 employee-owners in more than 120 employee ownership companies around the U.S. The comparison data consists of a mixed group of companies, most of which have made serious efforts to build strong ownership cultures. If you have inquiries or would like to be added to our mailing list for this program, please contact Director of Culture and Engagement, Dallan Guzinski, at [email protected]


Tier 1

  • 1-50 employees
  • Demographic analysis: Tenure and Position (Managers vs. Non-managers)

Tier 2

  • 51-250 employees
  • Demographic analysis: Tenure, Position (Managers vs. Non-managers), and Location or Department

Tier 3

  • 250+ employees
  • Demographic analysis: Tenure, Position (Managers vs. Non-managers), Location and/or Department, and one additional breakdown