2022 CEPI texts

The NCEO publishes almost all of the texts by the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) in its industry-standard certification programs. CEP students no longer have to buy books from us; the CEPI licenses the books from us and provides free digital access to you after you register and pay for the exam. Holders of CEPI certifications also receive digital access from the CEPI. However, we sell print versions to those who like to use a printed reference. (We do not sell Consider Your Options because we do not publish it; you can buy it on Amazon, etc.)

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Book Links and Discount Code for Students Buying Print Copies

You can still buy the 2022 editions, but the 2023 editions are going to press in December and we hope to have them in stock by the end of January. Remember, the CEPI will give you free access to digital copies. CEP print book purchases are not refundable. If you are a CEPI student but are not an NCEO member (most candidates are not), you can use the coupon code CEPIstudent in checkout to discount the books to the same prices that NCEO members get.

Required for all CEP levels (1, 2, and 3) and the AECA:

The Stock Options Book, 22nd ed.

Selected Issues in Equity Compensation, 18th ed.

Equity Alternatives, 19th ed.

GPS 4-in-1 Volume 2022

Required for CEP levels 2 and 3, and the AECA:

Accounting for Equity Compensation, 18th ed.

Required for CEP level 3 and the AECA:

Advanced Topics in Equity Compensation Accounting, 10th ed. (the same edition as in 2021 but with a new cover for 2022)

CEPI Exam Prep Course

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CEPI Exam Discount for NCEO Members

The NCEO is on the CEPI Advisory Board, and the CEPI extends a discount to NCEO members (see below for eligibility). This opportunity saves you $200 on new Level 1 exam registration fees. To take advantage of this offer, contact the CEPI at 408-554-2187.

Note: Eligible registrations include new Level 1 registrations for individuals who are involved in administering or managing their own company's equity programs. This cannot be combined with any other discounts. Deferrals and re-tests are not eligible for a discount. Individuals already registered are not eligible for a retroactive discount. Candidates from service providers do not qualify. Questions regarding eligibility can be directed to the CEPI at 408-554-2187.