Communications Committee Crash Course

Structured training and peer networking

The NCEO will launch its first-ever communications committee training and networking program this October. Whether you are just getting started or trying to get back on track, this training program will offer communications committees from companies of all shapes and sizes a way to learn, engage, and network with others in the employee ownership community.

Six separate training sessions will cover topics such as learning to develop an effective communications strategy, discuss common challenges and mistakes, create alignment with company leadership, and improve employee engagement strategies for the long term.

Contact the NCEO's director of culture and engagement, Dallan Guzinski ( for more information.

Schedule of Training Events 

October 14, 2020: An Introduction to ESOP Committees and Employee Learning

October 21, 2020: Most Common Challenges and Mistakes

November 4, 2020: Understanding our ESOP and Effective Communication Strategies

November 11, 2020: ESOPs and Business Literacy Essentials

December 2, 2020: Committees and Leadership Alignment

December 9, 2020: Employee Engagement and Involvement Strategies for the Long Term