November 16, 2020

2021 Webinars: Make Your Voice Heard

Events Director

If there is anything that 2020 has taught our community, it’s reinvention. We at the NCEO have made incredible changes to our programming over the past 10 months. Along the way, we learned valuable lessons about how we fit into your lives. With those lessons in mind, we are redesigning our webinar program to deliver up-to-the-minute employee ownership information in a format that fits today’s reality.

That said, we’d like your help. Please take a few minutes to tell us what you’d like to learn and discuss in 2021. We’d love to hear from you.

New Formats

Think outside the (Zoom) box! 

We're moving next year’s programming beyond the traditional webinar format you’ve come to expect and including conversational, small-group learning experiences and interactive workshops designed to guide your way through complex employee ownership topics.

Has 2020 highlighted areas of growth for your company? Are you interested in what your peers have to say about employee communication? Are you looking to explore solutions to administrative headaches?

Let us know! The survey closes November 30.

P.S. We’ve got some other changes in store that we think you’re going to love. Stay tuned.