December 12, 2022

ESOP Education for Insiders and Advisors from the Beyster Institute

Business Consultant, The Beyster Institute 

ESOP transactions require specific knowledge from both advisors and companies, each with unique responsibilities that compel them to act according to their duty and at the right moment. Many people with responsibility for the proper design and operation of ESOPs have never had a comprehensive overview of what they need to know to be effective in their roles – and many may not even realize that there are gaps in their knowledge. Filling in those gaps can help ESOP companies avoid pitfalls (see the NCEO's Don’t Do That! book for examples) and make good decisions from the board level to day-to-day operations.

As part of UC San Diego, the Beyster Institute provides three exceptional courses to further the employee ownership education of employee-owners, ESOP company board members, and the professionals and service providers who work with them. Each course is tailored to address specific topics related to an ESOP company and is presented by key experts in the field.

Administering Your ESOP Company addresses the most fundamental ESOP administration questions. What happens to your ESOP once the transaction is closed? What is required to keep it running? Perfect for C-suite, HR departments, management, and ESOP administration committees, this course will help demystify exactly who in your company is responsible for making your ESOP function day-to-day.

Training to be an ESOP Professional aims to provide emerging professionals and service providers a way to scale up their ESOP knowledge, while our Corporate Governance Course continues the community-wide trend (including the NCEO's Board Excellence Toolkit) of increased focus on boards of directors and corporate governance. 

For more information, visit the Beyster Institute's Training and Education website or email us at [email protected].