December 13, 2022

The NCEO Is Hiring a Director of Education

Executive Director

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The NCEO is hiring a director of education. The director of education will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and presenting content on employee ownership, from live presentations to written content to resource toolkits, and will also interact with our members, from answering questions to facilitating small groups.

Since the content will include both the nuts and bolts of employee ownership, mostly ESOPs, as well as some of the "softer" aspects of communications, culture, and engagement, our ideal candidate most likely has experience in an ESOP company, ideally with responsibility for communicating about employee ownership as part of a communications committee, HR department, or a similar role. We are looking for someone who can both be effective from day one and is interested in lending their creativity to supporting our members and helping employee ownership thrive.

Having a strong performer as the director of education is essential to reaching our goals, especially making the NCEO “the primary nonprofit source for people who want to achieve the potential of employee ownership.”

The position will report directly to the executive director, will interact frequently with all members of staff, and will be fully remote.