January 7, 2021

ESOP Feasibility at the Annual Conference

NCEO 40th

As my colleague Jaymie Oviedo wrote earlier this week, this year we're celebrating the NCEO's 40th birthday! All year long we'll be releasing new and special materials to mark the occasion. This month we'll preview the new 2021 Annual Conference tracks by providing a free lookback at some of the highlights from last year's virtual conference.

On Tuesday, we posted a video to our Youtube page teasing another new 2021 Annual Conference track: ESOP Feasibility. Many business owners approaching retirement age are looking for the succession plan that best fits them. Other businesses aren't looking to change ownership in full but are looking for additional benefits to aid in recruitment, retention, and recognition of their current workforce. In an effort to better tailor sessions to the needs of selling business owners and others curious in making the leap to employee ownership, we've added a track dedicated to ESOP feasibility.

Want a taste of what this track will have to offer? Watch last year's session "Through the Eyes of a Business Owner: Why I Chose an ESOP," featuring the president and CEO of Precision Walls, Brian Allen.

Looking for more resources to help decide if an ESOP is right for you? Check out our publication Selling to an ESOP