November 15, 2021

Join Us This December for the Communications Committee Crash Course

Director of Culture and Engagement

A former communications committee member at a mature ESOP company recently told me that her participation on their company's committee gave her the tools to apply for an open plan administration position at the company that she did not previously have the experience for. She noted that being in a position to educate and communicate technical information to her colleagues made her a better learner in the process, but that the learning never stops. Whether you're new to employee ownership or ESOP communications or you need a refresh, there's always more to be shared and ideas to be had when working with other employee-owners in all 50 states.

The NCEO's Communications Committee Crash Course is an online training and networking program for companies, new and old, that want to create employee involvement and help their employees understand what their ESOP really means to their company, to employees, and to their families in the long run. This December we will host our next series of the Communications Committee Crash Course, consisting of six separate training sessions covering topics such as developing an effective communications strategy, common challenges and mistakes, how to create alignment with company leadership, and how to improve employee engagement strategies for the long term.

You may have just started an ESOP, or you may be a mature and growing ESOP company with new employees that have similar questions to those at companies with new ESOPs. Whether you are just getting started or trying to get back on track, this training program will offer communications committees from companies of all shapes and sizes a way to learn, engage, and network with others in the employee ownership community. Join me and other employee-owners on Monday, November 29, as we host attendees and invite employee-owner friends and professionals to provide their insights and discuss challenges and lessons learned at their own companies. We hope to see you there!