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Employee Ownership Surveys, Research, and Company Data

With over 30 years of experience in employee ownership research, the NCEO can work with you to answer your employee ownership-related questions. We offer employee surveys, an ESOP quiz, the results of our latest research surveys, custom research services, company data, and more. Whether you are looking to measure your employee ownership culture, determine how much comparable ESOP companies pay their executives, or design a custom research survey, the NCEO has the resources and capability to assist you.

Employee Surveys

Our employee ownership surveys help your company harness its potential ownership advantage by measuring employee attitudes, perceptions, and levels of understanding about employee ownership.

The Ownership Culture Survey

Our comprehensive, fully customizable survey gives you the tools to most effectively measure your employee ownership culture.

  • Includes comparison data from over 15,000 respondents at nearly 100 companies.
  • Over 150 survey items to choose from.
  • Includes an easy-to-understand report with specific recommendations based on your results and an hour of consultation.
  • Learn more about the process by reading how the ownership culture survey works. Contact us at or 510-208-1301 to receive the full list of survey questions, receive a price quote, and get started designing your survey today!

The Ownership Culture Mini-Survey

The Mini-Survey is a quick, affordable alternative to the full survey. This survey package uses eight pre-determined questions to take a snapshot of your ownership culture. The questions cannot be replaced and demographics are not available for this option. The cost of the mini-survey will depend on the size of your company. Contact us at or 510-208-1301 for more information, to receive a price quote, or to order your Mini-Survey today!

The ESOP Quiz

The ESOP Quiz is a new product being offered by the NCEO. The quiz covers a number of ESOP-related issues, testing employees' understanding of how the ESOP works. The company receives a report of how employees performed, including any demographic data. In addition, you receive an easy-to-use guide for employees, offered as both a PDF and a PowerPoint. The guide displays the overall results and provides explanations for each of the possible answer choices. The survey can be administered on its own, or in conjunction with an ownership culture survey. The cost of the ESOP Quiz depends on company size. Contact us at or 510-208-1301 for more information, to receive a price quote, or to order your ESOP Quiz today!


This survey is sent out to all or a select group of employees to provide feedback to the board and the CEO regarding the CEO's performance. The NCEO collects and analyzes the data and provides a report. Read more or order now.

Research Surveys and Data

The NCEO offers research resources on a number of employee ownership issues. In addition, the NCEO can conduct custom research on any topic related to employee ownership. Stay up to date on the latest ESOP research at

Survey Reports

item picture
2016 Corporate Governance Survey Results

Results of a survey on corporate governance practices at ESOP companies across the US.

item picture
The ESOP Executive Compensation Survey

Data from a survey about executive compensation practices at companies with employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

item picture
2012 Private Company Equity Compensation Survey Results

Data from a survey of equity compensation in private companies.

item picture
2016 Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Survey Results

Comprehensive data on the latest trends in employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs).

item picture
ESOP Repurchase Obligation Survey 2017: Full Report

Results of a survey on repurchase obligation practices at ESOP companies.

List of All ESOP Companies

List of Employee Ownership Plans in Major Public Companies

A list showing the prevalence of ESOPs and broad-based equity grants in S&P 500 companies.

Database of All ESOPs in the U.S.

Regional and national databases of ESOPs in the United States based on NCEO analysis of public data from the DOL.

Custom Surveys

With over 30 years of experience researching employee ownership, the NCEO has the resources and expertise to find answers to your employee ownership-related questions. We are experienced in every aspect of employee ownership research, including designing and administering the survey, processing the data, preparing a professional report, and helping you understand the results, all at an affordable cost. For more information about our custom surveys, including cost and timing, contact Nancy Wiefek at or 510-208-1312.