When you join or renew as a Service Provider member, you'll gain access to solutions specific to spreading the word about your services and sharing your employee ownership expertise with the community.

The Service Provider Directory

Service Provider members are entitled to a listing in our Service Provider Directory, a searchable and mapped database available to all visitors to our website. The Service Provider Directory is also NCEO staff’s go-to resource when we are asked for referrals.

Annual member dues

We have a tiered pricing model for Service Provider Membership renewals/orders of 2+ members and 7+ members: our standard rate for SP memberships ($700) is applied to the first two memberships, the additional members after that (within the same renewal period, up to the 6th total person) are charged $400, and the 7th+ member is charged $300. If you're looking to add or renew multiple Service Provider memberships, please email [email protected].

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Service Provider membership vs. individual membership

Service Provider membership


  • Tiered pricing
  • $700 each for the first two SP memberships
  • $400 each for up to four additional members
  • $300 each for further additional members


Access to regular member resources and solutions, plus

How it works

  • Service Providers can renew their own memberships, larger offices sometimes renew through an administrative or billing contact

Membership fit

If you...

  • provide consulting, fiduciary, or other related services
  • want to make connections with potential client companies in the Service Provider Directory 

...a Service Provider membership is for you.

Individual membership


  • $310 per membership
  • Flat rate, not tiered


How it works

  • Usually renewed by the person holding the membership, rather than an administrative contact
  • Can also be used at a Service Provider firm if needed

Membership fit

If you're...

  • Still figuring out your employee ownership path
  • Have a personal interest in employee ownership
  • Retired from the employee ownership world but want to keep in touch with the community
  • A Service Provider looking to become a member at a lower cost and with out an entry in the Service Provider Directory

...an individual membership is likely the best fit for you.

Join or renew your membership today.

Questions about which membership is right for you? Reach out to [email protected].